Webuzo 2.0.2 Launch

The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.0.2
This version of Webuzo has some new features and fixes some bugs.Full Story


The Webuzo Team is very happy to announce the launch of Webuzo 2.0.2
This version of Webuzo adds some new features and fixes some bugs.

A complete list of changes:

1) Email Forwarder : Now you can easily forward your emails to a destined email address and manage your forwarded accounts.

2) Restart Services : Now you can easily restart your email server from the Restart Services menu.

3) Now you can specify your “Network Interface” in the Admin Panel for bandwidth calculation.

4) phpMyAdmin is being upgraded to the latest version

5) Webuzo version can now be displayed from CLI. Click here for docs.

6) pre_remove and post_remove Hooks are added. Click here for docs.

7) Bug Fix : Multiple installations could not be removed in Java category installations. It is fixed now.

8 ) Bug Fix : Email service remained shutdown on reboot. It is fixed now.

9) Bug Fix : Default email user account can now be deleted/managed by the user.

10) Bug Fix : User could create database users having more than 16 characters. It is fixed now.

11) Bug Fix : Bandwidth calculation was not performed on Openvz servers. It is fixed now.

12) Bug Fix : Changes to Nameservers in the Admin Panel were not persistent in the files. It is fixed now.

13) Bug Fix : Paths were misconfigured in Apache Tomcat for add-on domains. It is fixed now.

14) Bug Fix : UTF-8 Encoding was disabled for scripts in the Java category. It is fixed now.

15) Bug Fix : Restore process of large backups was failing due to memory exhaust. It is fixed now.

16) Bug Fix : Emails sent for backups created displayed file extension as .zip instead of .tar.gz. It is fixed now.

17) Bug Fix : PHP Notices were displayed while executing the CRON command on server with strict error reporting. It is fixed now.

18 ) Bug Fix : Perl scripts were not able to upgrade. It is fixed now.

19) Bug Fix : Softaculous was failing to backup an installations if Database was very huge. It is fixed now.

20) Bug Fix : During backup/restore Softaculous was showing successful message even though the backup/restore failed. However the mails displayed the error message if backup/restore was not successfully. It is fixed now.

21) Bug Fix: Changing the email user password was deleting the mail directory . It is fixed now.

The Webuzo Team