Added WordPress to Amazon Marketplace

WordPress LogoWebuzo has added the WordPress application to the Amazon Marketplace. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it.

Ready to Launch the WordPress Instance in the Cloud ? ? AWS Launch

Review, Rate and View Demo of WordPress here:

Added Apache Roller StackScript to Linode Library

Apache Roller LogoWebuzo has added the Apache Roller StackScript to the Linode Library. Apache Roller is a full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server suitable for blog sites large and small.

Apache Roller is a Java web application that should be able to run on any Java EE server and relational database.

Ready to Launch the Apache Roller StackScript to the Linode Library ? Click Here.

Review, Rate and View Demo of Apache Roller here: Roller

Run Webuzo using VMPlayer

VMware LogoVMware virtualizes computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices, to help customers be more agile, responsive, and profitable. Run your application just-like on a real server and test well for compatibility issues, development, etc before running them in the production environment.

Webuzo packages the Single User Control Panel with the CentOS operating systems and all of the dependencies required to locally setup a LAMP Stack to deploy a wide range of PHP applications by a click of a button as well install system applications like NGINX, Apache, Lighttpd, Java, Multiple versions of PHP, etc just by a click of a button. The virtualization packages provided by Webuzo a in a Ready-to-use form.

Getting Started
1) Download and Install VMPlayer (Located under Desktop & End-User Computing Category)

VMPlayer Downloads :

2) Download the Webuzo Virtual Appliance Package.
Download the latest version of Webuzo Virtual Applicance from the Downloads Page.
Download Link :
Webuzo VM Download

Virtual Machines of over 310+ applications is available for download from the Webuzo Apps Page.
Scripts VM Download :
Webuzo Apps VM Download

3) Extract the downloaded Webuzo package >> Right Click (Double Click) on the .vmx file
Select “Open with VMPlayer”
Open with VMPlayer

4) Webuzo will start-up the Webuzo CentOS machine.
Open with VMPlayer

5) Follow the provided instructions to access the Webuzo Admin/ Enduser Panel.
Webuzo Congif Details
Default password for the “root” user is “webuzo”.

6) Access the URL provided by the Webuzo console to initially configure Webuzo.
Webuzo Initial Setup

Note : This step will take a while as the dependencies packages are downloaded to configure the machine.

That’s it. You can all set to go @@@

Unable to fetch IP
If you get a message as “Obtaining IP” as in the image below. Here is the fix.
Webuzo Obtaining IP

Log in to the VM (Ctrl+G) using the username “root” and password “webuzo” and execute the following commands:

Root > rm -rf /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
Root > reboot

Continue to Step 5…

Experience Webuzo Locally and Happy development !!!

For support contact
Support :

Intelliants products now available via Webuzo

We have a great news for our members who use eSyndiCat & Subrion scripts. Now the installation of these products is even easier than before, as Webuzo has added both products to the scripts library. You can easily deploy eSyndiCat or Subrion installation within few minutes using the Webuzo Application Manager locally or on your VPS or in the Cloud.

Subrion Webuzo Application Stack

Webuzo has bundled both eSyndiCat & Subrion into the Virtual appliance with all it dependencies i.e Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. It can also be run on NGINX with some additional configurations if required. Basically it is available in a ready-to-cook form.

Here are few simple steps you need to make to start using our scripts:

1) Download eSyndiCat or Subrion and Extract the Virtual Appliance
2) Start the Virtual Appliance with tools like VMPlayer, Virtual Box, etc.
3) Follow the instruction to configure your Box

Simple, isn’t it?

Both eSyndiCat & Subrion scripts can also be deployed on the AWS Amazon Cloud within minutes using the Webuzo Cloud Launcher.

Note : Contact Support if you face any trouble.

Source : Intelliants Announcement

Quickly Deploy Webuzo on VMware Player

Webuzo WordPress StackWebuzo is bundled in the form of Ready-to-cook Virtual Machine with all of the dependencies simplifying the tasks to the users. Get started with Webuzo within minutes and deploy over 310+ apps by a click on your local development environment.

This tutorial will guide you to quickly deploy Webuzo on the VMWare Player (Virtual Appliance Tool)

1) VMWare Player – is a virtualization software package supplied free of charge by VMware
Download Link

Getting Started
1) Download the Webuzo Virtual Machine from the Webuzo Downloads Page and Extract the ZIP
Webuzo Downloads Page

2) Right Click on the File Webuzo.vmx and Click “Open with VMware Player”
Webuzo VMX

3) The Virtual Machine will be up within minutes with instructions to Configure your Webuzo Box
Webuzo VMware Configuration

4) Proceed to the Webuzo Initial Setup to configure Webuzo
Webuzo Initial Setup

5) Voila !!! Hope that was simple enough !!!

Source :

TermsFeed Privacy Policy Generator Integrates with Webuzo

Webuzo is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy Privacy Policy Generator with required dependencies/system apps (Apache, NGinx, PHP, Java, MongoDB, etc) on their virtual machines or in the cloud.

Webuzo is glad to announce the availability of Privacy Policy Generator Webuzo Stack in the form of a Virtual Machine and thus providing one-click installation.

Users further have one-click installation of Privacy Policy Generator multiple times on the same VM.

The Privacy Policy Generator Webuzo Stack pages gives a brief idea about Privacy Policy Generator with reviews, ratings, demo, download VM, and overview.

Also, Privacy Policy Generator can be deployed in the Amazon Cloud on a click of a button with the Webuzo Cloud Launcher.

Demo :

Install Jenkins – Just a Click away

Jenkins Webuzo Stack We are glad to announce that Jenkins – an award-winning application that monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or jobs run by cron, is now available in Webuzo Scripts Library.

With our Primary goal to simplify the testing of the latest versions of open source Java Applications, Webuzo allows the one-click installation of Jenkins and you are all set to GO with it’s required dependencies. You can now download free, ready to run Virtual Machines and get started with Jenkins on the Amazon EC2 Cloud.

Webuzo Jenkins Stack

Here are some eye-catching features of Jenkins:

  • Easy installation : Just java -jar jenkins.war, or deploy it in a servlet container. No additional install, no database.
  • Easy configuration : Jenkins can be configured entirely from its friendly web GUI with extensive on-the-fly error checks and inline help. There’s no need to tweak XML manually anymore, although if you’d like to do so, you can do that, too.
  • Change set support : Jenkins can generate a list of changes made into the build from Subversion/CVS. This is also done in a fairly efficient fashion, to reduce the load on the repository.
  • Permanent links : Jenkins gives you clean readable URLs for most of its pages, including some permalinks like “latest build”/”latest successful build”, so that they can be easily linked from elsewhere.
  • RSS/E-mail/IM Integration : Monitor build results by RSS or e-mail to get real-time notifications on failures.
  • After-the-fact tagging : Builds can be tagged long after builds are completed
  • JUnit/TestNG test reporting : JUnit test reports can be tabulated, summarized, and displayed with history information, such as when it started breaking, etc. History trend is plotted into a graph.
  • Distributed builds : Jenkins can distribute build/test loads to multiple computers. This lets you get the most out of those idle workstations sitting beneath developers’ desks.
  • File fingerprinting : Jenkins can keep track of which build produced which jars, and which build is using which version of jars, and so on. This works even for jars that are produced outside Jenkins, and is ideal for projects to track dependency.
  • Plugin Support : Jenkins can be extended via 3rd party plugins. You can write plugins to make Jenkins support tools/processes that your team uses.

Experience more about Jenkins!!!

Create your own PaaS using Webuzo

Also known as Platform-as-a-Service, Webuzo now takes care of infrastructure, middleware, and management so that you can better focus on your application.

Webuzo provides support for a wide variety of scripting languages and data controllers. These System Apps like PHP, PERL, Python, NGinx, Apache, MySQL, MongDB, Java, etc. can be installed by the click of a button.

Learn How

Manual Process : The simplest method to run Webuzo locally is to download a bundled ready-to-cook Virtual Machines. Webuzo is available as a Virtual Appliance which will run in minutes on any computing environment that supports virtualization. You can run Webuzo on Windows, Linux and Mac using software like VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox, Xen PV or HVM, Linux-KVM, OpenVZ. You can also deploy it on Public clouds like Amazon EC2.

You can also install Webuzo manually on your server following the comprehensive guide and deploy your PaaS easily.

Online Utility :

You can try out Webuzo Cloud Launcher available Online. Just login to the Webuzo Cloud Launcher and have your application up and running in minutes over the AWS Amazon Cloud.

Webuzo can be used to create your own PaaS. We have done that for Amazon AWS and the following is a video :