Manage CRON Jobs in Webuzo

Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that take place at predefined times or intervals on the server. Often, a cron job is a series of simple tasks executed from a script file. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every month considering a cleanup to manage disk space.

Webuzo provides a very Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface to help users setup a CRON task from the Webuzo Enduser Panel.

Note: Scheduling cron jobs to run too often may slow down your server.

The CRON Service is installed by default with every installation of Webuzo. All what you require to do is – Add/Edit/Delete your CRON Tasks.

This article will walk-through of Adding / Editing and Deleting CRON Jobs from the Webuzo Enduser Panel

Getting Started
Navigate to the CRON Jobs Menu in the Webuzo Enduser Panel >> Server Settings > Cron Job

Webuzo Cron Job Navigation

Add Cron Job
To Add a cron job:

A) Set the interval at which you wish to run the Cron Job.

Add Cron Job

Attributes :
1) Minute — Enter the number of minutes between running the cron job, or the minute each hour on which you wish to run the cron job. Allowed values : 0-59
2) Hour — Enter the number of hours between running the cron job, or the hour each day on which you wish to run the cron job. Allowed values : 0-23
3) Day — Enter the number of days between running the cron job, or the day of the month on which you wish to run the cron job. Allowed values : 1-31
4) Month — Enter the number of months between running the cron job, or the month of the year in which you wish to run the cron job. Allowed values : 1-12 (or names)
5) Weekday — Enter the day(s) of the week on which you wish to run the cron job. Allowed values : 0-7 (or names)
6) Command — Type the command you wish the system to run.

That’s it !!! Click Add Cron Job.

List Cron Jobs
The Cron Job page displays the list of Cron Jobs set on the server for the user.
You can further manage (Edit/Delete) the Cron Jobs to suit your requirements.

Edit Cron Jobs
To Edit a Cron job:
1) Click on the Edit Button inline to the Cron Job which you wish to Edit.
Edit Cron Job
2) Make the necessary changes. (Fields are similar as in the Add Cron Job Option)
Save Cron Job
3) Hit Save to store the changes/ update the Cron Task.

Delete Cron Jobs
To Delete a Cron job:
1) Click on the delete icon inline to the CRON you want to Delete.
Delete Cron Job
2) You will be prompted to confirm your deletion.
3) Hit Yes to DELETE the CRON.

Webuzo Cron Demo :

Note: You can follow this guide to learn more about CRON activities.

CRON Guide :

Hope that was Simple enough !!!

Webuzo 2.1.1 Launch

The Webuzo Team is glad to announce the launch of Webuzo 2.1.1
This version of Webuzo adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs.


The Webuzo Team is glad to announce the launch of Webuzo 2.1.1
This version of Webuzo adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs.

A complete list of changes:

1) PHP Extensions : Users can now enable/disable PHP extensions from the Webuzo Enduser Panel.
PHP Extensions

2) Network Tools : Lookup a particular domain from the Webuzo Enduser Panel. Users can also trace route of their domains.
Network Tools

3) User Interface for the Initial Installer is being changed to look much attractive and simple.

4) Check for punycode domain names is being added. Learn more

5) Support for PHP 5.5(without ioncube loader)
PHP 5.5 Support

6) Import/Export settings : You can import/export the Webuzo Admin Settings from a server and replicate the settings. Here is a guide

7) Detect real version : Users can now determine the real version of installation(s) and update Webuzo records from Webuzo Admin panel -> Installations (The records are outdated in case the user updates the installation manually). Here is a guide

8 ) Check HTTPS connection : If user selects to install a script on the https protocol, Softaculous will display a warning to the user if a Trusted SSL certificate is not found on the domain.

9) Improved the API to support the installation of Plugins, themes, etc of a script via Webuzo. Admin Panel has a feature wherein user can also control these settings to enable, change default values, etc shown on the install form in the End-users Panel. Here is a guide

10) Automated Backups : Users can now choose from the install form to take automated backups (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Click here for documentation.

11) Users can define the PERL version, MySQL version, list of enabled extensions, list of enabled functions in the pre install hook to override the requirements check done while script installation. Click here for documentation.

12) Users can now choose to prepend a prefix for Admin Username field for their endusers on the script install form the Admin Panel. Click here for documentation.

13) All scripts requirements can be checked from the Webuzo Admin panel to determine which scripts might not work on the server. Click here for documentation.

14) Added settings in Webuzo Admin Panel to individually disable New installation, Remove installation, Edit installation, Backup installation emails sent to the endusers.

15) Added setting to disable Backup installations emails from the Webuzo Enduser Panel -> Email Settings.

16) Bug Fix – Added prevention for CSRF attacks.

17) Bug Fix : File manager shows the directory listing of /usr/local/webuzo/enduser/webuzo/filemanager instead of /home/user further restricting the user to perform file management functions. It is fixed now.

18 ) Bug Fix : Default FTP password is not the same as the password of username for login to control panel. It is fixed now.

19) Bug Fix : Uploading larger file using phpmyadmin resulted in a Error “413 Request Entity Too Large”. It is fixed now.

20) Bug Fix : Unable to redirect to the default index.php page in case of NGINX mode. It is fixed now.

21) Bug Fix : PHP path was invalid for the Enduser Scripts. It is fixed now.

22) Bug Fix : Apps List was not updated automatically. It is fixed now.

23) Bug Fix : Control Panel Link in the Enduser Panel points to the IP address and not to the domain if any. It is fixed now.

24) Bug Fix : Disk Space was inappropriately calculated. It is rounded off to 2 decimal places.

25) Bug Fix : Changes made to php.ini were not saved successfully. It is fixed now.

26) Bug Fix : While trying to login to phpMyAdmin it will come back again to the login page. It is fixed now.

27) Bug Fix : Capital letters were allowed in Domain name while changing the Primary Domain from Admin Panel. It is fixed now.

28 ) Bug Fix : Added validation for Table prefix to allow only alphanumeric characters and _

29) Bug Fix : Script installation was not allowed if the user wanted DB prefix to be empty. This is now fixed.

30) Bug Fix : On the Task List page hyperlink was displayed even for the paths. This is fixed now.

We hope you enjoy the features, we will be adding many more features in the next version.

The Webuzo Team