Webuzo Cloud Launcher (Amazon Cloud)


Webuzo Cloud Launcher allows you to deploy over 275+ applications to Amazon EC2 in just a few clicks via a simple and user-friendly interface.
Webuzo is a LAMP stack with Softaculous installed on a CentOS Machine.Webuzo Cloud is great tool to deploy Webuzo on AWS. Webuzo is a LAMP stack with Nameserver Management, FTP Management, Python, PERL, 239 WEB Applications, etc.
One can use Webuzo Cloud and deploy various types of apps like WordPress, Magento, ERPs like SugarCRM, Development tools like Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, jQuery, etc. Since Webuzo is a Single User software, the application is able to make optimum utilization of the Instance’s Resources.

Launching an Instance


  1. Login to the Webuzo Cloud Launcher

2. Fill in your API details-Amazon AWS Credentials.

3. Launch instances of the applications of your choice.

4. View progress of you instance launching.

5. Configure Webuzo with the required details

6. You Application is up-and-running in minutes.

7. Manage the apps and enjoy complete control over the Webuzo Panel.

Here is a Video
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