Cloud Applications

Softaculous speaks the Language of the endusers. By having Softaculous accessible to potentially thousands of people across the globe, we have made it easy for non-English speaking users to search, install Web Applications and get the most out of Softaculous. For many cultures there is an issue of trust when it comes to buying over the internet, especially if they feel it is in a language they are not fully proficient in. Offering them a language alternative allows our client to feel secure in the fact they know what they are buying, how and from whom.

One-Click APP Deployment

Nothing can be simpler than having yourself purchase a Cloud server, grab a server management tool and deploy your favorite application to your server at just a click of a button. Webuzo makes it possible. With our powerfull Webuzo Cloud Launcher you can deploy n number of applications over the AWS Amazon Cloud - reduces headache of purchasing a server. Pre-built Webuzo tempates are ready-to-run applications simply need to be booted and have your Webuzo Server tool up and running in a blink. Phew!! Webuzo has built-in Softaculous which keeps you stress free when it comes to deploying application on your server.

Development Softwares

Developers can highly benefit with the over-exciting tools and services provided in our bundled stack. A complete LAMP stack with Tomcat, Pyton, Perl & MongoDB allows developers to builds their own aplications in a better way. We have integrated Webuzo on the Amazon Cloud Enviornment and developers can have it integrated on your own Cloud servers with ease.
Building code snippets and deploying them on your development as well as production server can be simpler with Webuzo.

Updated with New Features Regularly

With every new version release the Webuzo Team innovates and integrates new features. These features are designed to make the workflow for the Users and the Web Hosts perform efficiently and with ease. These features also automate most of the tedious processes. These updates also contain patches, Bug Fixes and Security releases along with them. Webuzo updates have the flexibilty of getting updated automatically via the CRON or the Webuzo Admin can manually Update it.


Instances launched with the Webuzo Cloud in collaboration with the Amazon Cloud are highly scalable and flexible. Manage your instances (start/stop/restart) and also scale your instances to increase/descrease your instance size so as to suit your needs and benefits without affecting your current work conditions. The AWS console provides a great deal of fucntionality to manage your instances over their full-fledged cloud environment.

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You can contact the AMPPS Group via email. Our email address is support@webuzo.com . We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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You can contact us directly at sales@webuzo.com