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Manage Admin Settings

  1. Click on Settings Tab to view a list of Admin Settings.
    Admin setng1.jpg

Webuzo Softaculous Admin Panel

  1. Webuzo broadly classifies Admin Settings into the following 4 categories:
    • Software Paths
    Defines the paths for Webuzo installation and Script installation path .
    • General Settings
    Defines a long list of General Settings such as Compress Output, Turn Off/On Script Demos, Script Screenshots, Script Ratings, Script Reviews, Email to Endusers, Sync Link, Control Panel Link
    • Update Settings
    Manages auto-updates for Webuzo releases, Update Scripts, Add New Scripts, Notify Updates, Notify Script Updates, Updates Cron Job, etc.
    • Disable Webuzo
    Allows Webuzo to be suspended for endusers.

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