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This guide shows you how to edit a CRON Job.


You can Edit a CRON Job from your Webuzo Enduser Panel > Server Settings > Cron Job

Screenshot : Cron Job

Cron tab.jpg


  1. Click on the Edit option inline to the Cron setting you wan't to Edit.
    Cron edit.jpg
  2. Rewrite the changes to the input boxes.
    Cron input.jpg
  3. Click save. You are done.

That's it.

Required Inputs

  1. Minute - Allowed values : 0-59
  2. Hour - Allowed values : 0-23
  3. Day - Allowed values : 1-31
  4. Month - Allowed values : 1-12 (or names)
  5. Weekday - Allowed values : 0-7 (or names)
  6. Command - Task to be accomplished(Command to be executed) when the CRON is run.
Note: You can follow this guide to learn more about CRON activities.
CRON Guide : http://www.manpagez.com/man/5/crontab/