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This tutorial will show you how edit a domain through Webuzo.


Navigate to the utility from your Webuzo Enduser Panel > Domain > Manage Domains

Man Dom Nav.png

Select the edit option in front of the domain you wish to edit as shown in the screenshot to edit the domain.

Man Dom Page.png

Edit a Domain

You will be redirected to the Edit Domain page.

Edit Domain.png

Here you can edit the following:

  • Type of Domain:

You can change the type of domain i.e. you can change a parked domain to addon domain and vice versa. Check the box to make it addon or uncheck it.

  • Domain Path:

You can change the domain path to point it to some other directory.

  • IP Address:

You can add IP address to the domain.

  • Mail Validation Records:

You can add or remove the mail validation records for a domain. Check the box to add the records or uncheck it.

Now Click on Edit Domain button to save.


You can only add or remove the mail validation records for the primary domain. Rest all the options are disabled for the primary domain.