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If you want to synchronize your license after purchasing one, click on the Refresh License link in your Webuzo Admin Panel. That will syncronize your license information.

Refresh license.jpg

To synchronize the Scripts / Software, go to the Software Tab in your Webuzo Admin Panel and click on "Update Settings". You will see a log of all scripts being updated.

Cron updates.jpg

If the above mentioned methods didn't work please continue reading.

Webuzo syncronizes with servers for files and License information when CRON is run. You can force CRON to run via some shell commands to immediately synchronize for the License Information or for Script Files.

SSH to your server as root and enter following commands :
Root> /usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/webuzo/cron.php

This will force CRON to run and Webuzo will synchronize all necessary information.