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Manage SSL certificates issued by Let's Encrypt Authority.


1) Go to Webuzo Panel >> Lets Encrypt.

Lets Encrypt.png

2) Select the domain for which you need to issue/manage certificate.

Lets Encrypt1.png

3) Click on one of the buttons as per the action required for e.g install

Lets Encrypt2.png

Wait for a few minutes for the process to complete in the background and that's it !!! You are done !


You can also manage Let's Encrypt certificates using the CLI utility of the panel.

To install a certificate on a domain, run the following command as root user:

 /usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/webuzo/cli.php --lets_encrypt --action=install --domain=your_domain.com
  • Variables to manage other aspects of Let's Encrypt certificate from CLI utility
    To revoke (remove) an installed certificate, pass --action=revoke along with domain name as in the above example.
    To renew, pass --action=renew along with domain name as in the above example.
    To renew all the installed Let's Encrypt cerificates, pass --action=renew_all. When you are using action as renew_all, you do not need to pass any domain name to the utility.

Important Note

  • The utility needs a webserver running and listening to Port 80.
  • This utility can not issue/manage certificates to domains with IP address assigned to them.
  • Domains with certificate installed through this utility can not have another certificate assigned via the panel unless the Let's Encrypt one is revoked.
  • Cron to auto-renew certificates is already added in the panel and will check and renew any Let's Encrypt issued certificate if needed.
  • Logs generated by this utility are stored in /var/webuzo/log/lets_encrypt.

Support : https://www.softaculous.com/support/open.php