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Welcome to Webuzo Wiki!

Softaculous Webuzo is a Virtual Machine which bundles many server based Applications and scripts and enables you to deploy these apps without the hassles of installing them. Webuzo is ideal for Enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses looking to deploy various apps. Webuzo is the standalone Softaculous Single user LAMP stack with 239 web apps.

Webuzo is also suited for Web Developers who use various PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby Apps. Our main goal is to help save your time so that you can conentrate more on your work and less on maintaining Apps. You can deploy webuzo on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), on the cloud, in your office (using Virtual Machines)

Installation and Usage

Softaculous Webuzo is very easy to install. See the quick installation guides as per your choice of environment:

Install on CentOS

Installing on CentOS

Virtual Machines

Deploy a Virtual Appliance

Deploying Amazon EC2 Instances

Deploying Amazon EC2 Instances

OS Template for Private Cloud

Create Webuzo Template


Endusers / Website Owners
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If you need to contact us, all details are available on the Contact Us Page

Where I can get more info?

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