Webuzo 1.9 Launch

This version of Webuzo has some new features like JAVA,Apache-Tomcat,cool jsp script Mesh CMS,SSH service enable/disable,customize username, Webuzo Rebranding and fixes some bugs and has some API improvements.Full Story


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 1.9
This version of Webuzo has some new features like JAVA, Apache-Tomcat, Cool JSP Script – Mesh CMS, Enable/Disable SSH Service, Customized Username, Webuzo Re-branding , fixes some bugs and has some API improvements.

A complete list of changes:

1) Apache Tomcat Support : You can now deploy your favorite JSP applications and servlets within the Apache Tomcat server.

2) Access the Apache Tomcat Manager and deploy your .war files directly to the server.

3) One-click installation of a cool new JSP script – Mesh CMS with many more to be added.

4) Enable/Disable SSH service : You can now enable/disable SSH access to you server.

5) Restart Apache Tomcat Services

6) Webuzo Rebranding : You can now have your own customized Logo for your Panel.
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7) Jump to your Admin Panel from the Enduser Panel itself with a universal login functionality.

8 ) Have your own customized username apart from the reserved system usernames.

9) Universal login to the Admin Panel as well as End-user Panel with the customized user.

10) Multiple version of a script is now available in a single page. E.g. you can now select which Joomla version you want to install.

11) Restoration of an installations has been improved. Now user can restore the backup even if installation has been removed.

12) New Admin Panel UI in Softaculous.

13) An API interface has been added in Softaculous (Documentations will be available soon).

14) Admin can now disable the scripts label (i.e. PHP, Javascripts, PERL and Classes) for endusers.

15) The after Upgrade Page has been improved. When you have to visit the installation to complete the upgrade, Softaculous will now display the upgrade link first.

16) Bug Fix : Adding a parked domain to an existing add-on domain was possible. It has been restricted to add a parked domain to only the primary domain.

17) Bug Fix : Javascripting improved in the Advanced DNS Setting Menu.

18 ) Bug Fix : Scripts Backup was not working. It is fixed now.

19) Bug Fix : Named restart was not working on CentOS 6.x. It is fixed now.

20) Bug Fix : File-manager is secured with a login functionality now.

21) Bug Fix : In admin panel category name was not displayed for PERL. It is now fixed.

22) Bug Fix : Softaculous now won’t attempt to install custom script in Software Setting of Admin Panel.

23) Bug Fix : Custom Theme was not working. It is fixed now.

24) Bug Fix : Chrome bug fix for directory slash in Classes.

25) Bug Fix : After removing all installations new installations were not being displayed. It is fixed now.

26) Bug Fix : In edit installation mysql connection error occurred even though script did not have database. It is fixed now.

The Webuzo Team