Webuzo 2.1.2 Launch



The Webuzo Team is glad to announce the launch of Webuzo 2.1.2
This version of Webuzo adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs.

A complete list of changes:

1) Bandwidth Upper Limit: Now user can set their Bandwidth upper limit and the graph will appear as per that limit.
If you don’t specify the limit then the graph will be displayed as per Webuzo’s own algorithm.

2) Disable Prefill Webuzo User Name on Login page: User can disable the prefill Webuzo user name on Login page.

3) Automated Backups can now be managed for existing installations from Edit Installations page in Softaculous Enduser panel. Click here for documentation.

4) Bug Fix : Upload was not allowed in File Manager. It is now fixed.

5) Bug Fix : “$” Character was not allowed in Password fields. It is now fixed.

6) Bug Fix : Wildcard entry added for subdomain always points to the Primary domain. It is now fixed.

7) Bug Fix: Wildcard entry while editing the DNS Zone entry was not allowed. It is now fixed.

8) Bug Fix : Similar DNS Zone Entry could not be made for more than one domain. It is now fixed.

9) Bug Fix : Services stopped from the Webuzo Enduser Panel were restarted by the Webuzo CRON. It is now fixed.

10) Bug Fix : Softaculous used to send update notification for the installation(s) that were manually updated i.e. when Softaculous records were outdated. Softaculous will now find the actual version of installation(s) and if it does not match with the existing records the Softaculous records will be updated and notification(s) will be sent only if installation(s) are still outdated.

We hope you enjoy the features, we will be adding many more features in the next version.

The Webuzo Team