Webuzo in another Amazon Continent – Tokyo

Launch your instances now closer to your Home. We are glad to announce that all of the Apps available in the Webuzo Library can now be easily deployed in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region.

Japan-based businesses and global companies with customers in Japan can run their applications and workloads in the Tokyo Region to reduce latency to end-users, keep their data entirely in Japan, and avoid the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with maintaining and operating their own infrastructure.

Webuzo Tokyo Cloud AWS

The Webuzo Cloud Launcher is just what you need to get started with the new region and deploy over 300+ Premium Applications by a click of a button. Webuzo Cloud Launcher greatly simplifies the process of deploying and managing the Applications and Frameworks in the cloud. For a newbie, it’s just like a ready-to-cook package and you are minutes away from your deployment.

The new AMIs allow Asian-based Webuzo users to run popular open source applications on cloud infrastructure in Japan, providing enhanced performance over cloud computing infrastructure based in other parts of the world.

List of Webuzo 2.1.2 AMIs :
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region : ami-b372e1b2
Eastern US(Virginia) : ami-359dde5c
Western US(N. California) : ami-283d176d
Western US(Oregon) : ami-c434a9f4
Europe(Ireland) : ami-f30c1787
South East Asia(Singapore) : ami-66e7af34
S. America(Sao Paulo) : ami-df2783c2

Deploying the Webuzo Service can be done manually as well.

Alternately, the Webuzo Cloud Launcher handles it all.