Webuzo 2.3.8 Released


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.3.8. This version introduces PHP 7 and minor improvements in performance and bug fixes.
The following is a list of all changes :

1) [Feature] : You can now install and use PHP 7.0 from Webuzo

2) [Improvement] : You can choose to enable database prefix from the admin panel. If disabled, you can create database and its user without any prefix. By default the database prefix will now be disabled.

3) [Bug Fix] : AWstats was not working due to issues in conf file. This has been fixed.

4) [Bug Fix] : Application backup emails would show PHP errors even on successful completion. This is now fixed.

5) [Bug Fix] : Since 2.3.7 total bandwidth setting would not be set and would remain unlimited. This is now fixed.

6) [Bug Fix] : Buttons in ‘Simple’ theme did not respond on many pages. This is now fixed.

7) [Bug Fix] : Adding new domain with Apache2 as the default web-server did not work because the apache2 service never used to start. This is now fixed.

We have also pushed lots of updates for the system apps. We hope you like this version of Webuzo.

The Webuzo Team