Webuzo 2.4.7 Released


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.4.7. This version introduces some minor improvements and fixes.
The following is a list of all changes :

1) [Task] You will now be able to change MySQL Root user password even if you are logged in as root.

2) [Fix] MySQL DB users were not visible in the panel after updating to 2.4.6. This is now fixed.

The Webuzo Team

Webuzo 2.4.6 Released


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.4.6. This version introduces some major improvements and fixes.
The following is a list of all changes :

1) [Feature] You will now be able to block multiple IP from the panel itself. For this you can either specify an IP range or a CIDR block.

2) [Feature] We have added redirect option in the panel. You will now be able to redirect paths of your domain to another.

3) [Feature] While adding a new domain, you can now create SPF, DKIM and DMARC record in one-click.

4) [Feature] We have added some common settings to add Cron job for ease of use.

5) [Feature] Added option to clear Webserver’s error logs from the panel.

6) [Feature] You can now change MySQL Root password from the Change password page in panel if you are logged in as Root.

7) [Feature] You can now import data from cPanel using a full backup file created earlier and copied to your Webuzo server.

8) [Feature] You can now generate random passwords for password fields. Feature to show/hide password along with strength indicator is also added.

9) [Feature] Added provision for custom.css to customize Enduser panel UI by adding additional style elements. Click here for guide.

10) [Feature] Added CLI Utility to enable/disable scripts using CLI. Click here for guide.

11) [Task] Check added to prevent IP address being passed in ‘CNAME’ type records.

12) [Task] Banner added in the home page to show if any update for installed application is available.

13) [Task] Cronjob added to automatically update EMPS stack on which Webuzo runs.

14) [Task] Number of domains will be shown in the home page of Admin panel in place of Number of users.

15) [Task] Admin password and Database password will no longer be sent via email. You can change the setting from Admin or Enduser panel to receive plain text passwords.

16) [Task] Users can now directly login to their WordPress’ Admin Panel without the need for login details, by clicking on the Admin Link. Admin users can disable this feature from Admin panel.

17) [Task] Filters have now been added wherein Admin can execute their custom code using the respective filter function in order to modify certain aspects of the task being done. Existing hooks will continue to work, but we recommend using Filters for new tasks. Click here for guide.

18) [Task] Added Setting in Admin panel -> Settings “Logo URL For Scripts Demo” to use custom logo on Script’s demo page header.

19) [Task] German language translation has been updated.

20) [Fix] Postgresql services were not detected correctly in the Serivce page. This is now fixed. Re-install may be required.

21) [Fix] Starting/Stopping Dovecot from the panel did not work. This is now fixed. Re-install may be required.

22) [Fix] Editing Cron jobs having Ampersand ‘&’ in their command did not work. This is now fixed.

23) [Fix] While taking a backup, database Triggers, Events, Procedures and Functions were not included. This is now fixed.

24) [Fix] In Remote Import, database name was expected even if the script did not require a database. This is now fixed.

25) [Fix] A JavaScript error occurred when the PopularFX theme search returned no results for search criteria. This has been fixed.

We have also pushed lots of updates for the system apps. Hope that you like this version of Webuzo.

The Webuzo Team