Webuzo 2.6.9 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.6.9.
This version introduces two minor fixes.

Bug Fixes:

1) Pure-FTPD quota usage will be calculated every 3 hours instead of every 15 minutes, this will minimize CPU usage.

2) During EMPS stack(used by Webuzo) upgrade unwanted files were not deleted, this is now fixed.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting UI Changes, features and changes.

The Webuzo Team

Webuzo 2.6.8 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.6.8.
This version introduces some major Features, improvement and fixes.


1) We have completely revamped the Webuzo login page for a modern look and feel.

2) For new Webuzo users, we have updated the UI of the initial setup process.

3) Now you will be able to Blacklist and Whitelist email ID’s via SpamAssassin from the Enduser panel.

4) We have added Google Drive as a backup option for Softaculous backups.

5) While upgrading a script installation, you can now select to backup the full installation or just the files or just the database.


6) Made improvements to the Webuzo architecture, so that major PHP versions can be released without a Webuzo launch.*

7) Added support for the modern MySQLnd API in PHP 7.1.

8) FTP quota calculation caused the FTP accounts page to load endlessly until the quota was calculated for each and every account, from now on the quota usage will be cached.

9) While redirecting to SitePad from Webuzo, your language preference will be auto detected.

10) While uploading backups to Dropbox if you had insufficient space an appropriate error message will be shown.

11) During API calls if the script id was invalid, you will now receive an error instead of failing silently.

Bug Fixes:

12) Fixed a suPHP bug which didn’t allow execution of some Linux command via exec function.

13) Fixed a minor UI bug in the universal search bar for Firefox browser.

14) Changing the Primary domain caused the Web-mail client to break, this is now fixed and the changes
are correctly reflected in the Web-mail configuration.

15) Webuzo now will check for 50X error in File Manager and resolve it automatically.

16) Backup to Dropbox was not working on Dropbox Business account. This is fixed now.

17) Tooltip in the related Scripts section on overview page didn’t work in Chrome, IE and Opera browsers.

App Updates:

18) The File Manager has been updated to the latest stable version.

19) Added logrotate support for Nginx Webserver.**

20) Launched Maria DB 10.2, the latest version from the Maria DB foundation.

21) Updated the OpenSSL library to the latest LTS version.

22) We have released PHP 7.2, the latest PHP version.

* PHP 7.2 release was delayed until the launch of Webuzo 2.6.8, this won’t be a problem for future PHP 7.X
** Nginx must be updated to the latest version for logrotate.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting UI Changes, features and changes.

The Webuzo Team

Webuzo System Application Updated: Python


We have updated Python to the latest version 2.7.14 which is the last version in the 2.x series.

Update Highlights:

  • We have enabled pip which is an package management system used to install and manage software packages written in Python.
  • Enabled Unicode support for Strings.
  • You will now be able to use the SSL package in Python.

Review , Rate and View Demo of Python here:

This version of Python will not include the mod_wsgi module, due to restriction in the module compiling it before hand on our server is not possible.
If you require the module, please contact Support for further information.

We will be launching Python 3.x as a separate package very soon.

Webuzo 2.6.7 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.6.7. This version has one minor fix.

[Fix] Let’s Encrypt cron will now restart the Web server at midnight only if certificate is renewed.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting features and changes.

The Webuzo Team

Webuzo System Application Updated : Lighttpd (1.4.47)

Webuzo LIGHTTPD LogoWebuzo LIGHTTPD Stack updated. LIGHTTPD (pronounced “lighty”) is an open-source web server more optimized for speed-critical environments than common products while remaining standards-compliant, secure and flexible. It is designed and optimized for high performance environments.

Review , Rate and View Demo of LIGHTTPD here:

2017 Year In Review – Webuzo powered by Softaculous

2017 has been a big year at Webuzo!! As we bid goodbye to 2017, its time to review the changes in the past 12 months.

Major Features introduced in 2017

      • Introduced Let’s Encrypt utility to install valid SSL certificates for free of cost
      • Added support for Varnish to make your Websites load even faster
      • Introduced FastCGI and PHP-FPM support for Apache 2.4

Major App Launches & Updates in 2017

    • Launched SpamAssassin for a Spam free inbox experience Click Here to Learn more
    • Added support for the modern HTTP/2 protocol across all Web Servers
    • Enabled GZIP compression to save bandwidth across all Web Servers
    • Replaced the old MySQL Client Library (libmysqlclient) with the new MySQL Native Driver(MySQLnd) which provides a single interface to access MySQL from PHP

Major Security updates in 2017

    • All the third party applications bundled with Webuzo will now run as unprivileged user only.
    • Cipher suites across all SSL based applications were updated to the latest security specification from SSL Labs

Major New Product Announcement

  • In public beta, Serverly is the Best way to manage your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Websites. Serverly is a fast, easy and SAAS based control panel with features to Monitor, Boost and Optimize your Websites.
  •    You can now purchase SitePad license on the Webuzo license purchase form here : Client Center

    Note : When you have purchased the SitePad license, you do not need to install SitePad separately it will be enabled by default.

We would like to Thank all our clients for showing confidence in our products. We appreciate your business with us and assure you that we will deliver more features and enhancements in 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Webuzo!!

PS : We are working during the holiday season so you can contact us for support related or any other queries and we will be glad to help you.

The Webuzo Team

Webuzo 2.6.6 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.6.6.
This version introduces some major UI Improvement, features and fixes.

The following is a list of changes :


1) Now you will be able to maximize and minimize as well as re-arrange all the categories in the Enduser Dashboard.

2) We have revamped the Navigation bar to be clean and clutter free.

3) Added a new universal Search Bar for quick navigation between pages.

4) Multi Delete option has been added for Webuzo Backups.


5) Added an alert if your domain doesn’t resolve to the Server’s IP while creating an FTP account.

6) Disabled TLSv1 protocol and 3DES, RC4 Cipher Suites across all applications.

7) On systemd based systems, services (including Webuzo service) will be configured using systemctl.

8) Webuzo now uses UNIX sockets for Database connection, so now you can safely block port 3306.

Bug Fixes:

9) Fixed an issue where the confirmation pop-up box was not displayed in the center of the screen in Chrome and Safari browsers.

10) Added a fix for CPU Core count bug in the CPU information page.

11) Change DB user password wouldn’t work from the Add Database page. This is now fixed.

12) Let’s Encrypt certificate used for the Webuzo Panel were not reloaded by the webuzo service when the certificate was renewed. This is now fixed.

App Updates:

13) Apache Spam Assassin has been launched for a spam free Inbox experience.

14) We have launched phpMyAdmin as a separate app for faster updates.

15) You can now purchase SitePad license on the Webuzo license purchase form here : Client Center

Note : When you have purchased the SitePad license, you do not need to install SitePad separately it will be enabled by default.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting features and changes.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

The Webuzo Team

Spam Assassin Launched


We have launched SpamAssassin as an installable app from Webuzo.

Just search for SpamAssassin in the left hand side search bar in the EndUser Panel.

All configuration with Exim will be handled by the installation script.

Emails that are categorized as SPAM will be bounced back to the sender with a message that their Email has been categorized as SPAM.*

You can whitelist email address which maybe false positives and blacklist the ones that may not be categorized as SPAM.*

From now your Email Experience will be SPAM free in Webuzo.

*Currently no option is provided from Webuzo you will have to change these settings via SSH.

Webuzo 2.6.4 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.6.4. This version introduces some major features and fixes. The following is a list of changes :

[Feature] SitePad website builder added in Webuzo. It is a SaaS based drag & drop website builder which publishes static content in the users hosting account. SitePad is based on Freemium model with 15 themes in free version and 290+ themes in premium version.

[Feature] FTP over TLS support now enabled in the panel.

[Feature] DB username limit in the panel is now increased to 16 characters.

[Feature] You can now edit Varnish conf file directly from panel.

[Feature] Actions like backup, clone, etc. reported error in case user had manually changed the login credentials. Webuzo panel will now detect the updated credentials from the configuration file of the script.

[Task] : Added Filters post_loadinstallations, post_listinstallations, pre_upgrade_outdated_plugins, pre_upgrade_outdated_theme.

[Task] Enable/Disable option for Varnish in Web Server’s Setting page*.

[Task] Improved the UI for Ratings and Reviews tab on scripts page.

[Fix] Fixed a JavaScript bug in Themes Search option on WordPress install form.

[Fix] Varnish provided from the panel did not work properly. This is now fixed**.

*Varnish utility is currently launched in beta stage. Some site may not work over HTTPS on Nginx.
**You will need to update Webuzo panel as well as Varnish app to latest to use this feature.

The Webuzo Team