Dolphin added to the Amazon Marketplace

AWS MarketPlaceWebuzo is glad to list Dolphin in the AWS Marketplace thus simplifying the instance launching process and deploying favorite applications easily by a click of a button. AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software and services that run in the EC2 cloud.

Webuzo Dolphin LogoDolphin powered by Webuzo is pre-bundled with all the dependencies and requirements like Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. Dolphin is the world’s most advanced community software. Open-source, independent, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, free software for building social networks, dating sites and web-communities.
Loaded with video chat, recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messenger, mailbox, desktop app, video sharing, photo sharing, iPhone app and much more. Build your own business or advance your hobby with Dolphin!
Ready to Launch the Dolphin Instance in the Cloud ? ? AWS Launch

Webuzo + Email + Outlook Configuration

Webuzo LogoWebuzo allows users to create email account for their domains by deploying the Email Server (Exim + Dovecot) by a click of a button. Exim and Dovecot can be installed from the Webuzo Enduser Panel >> Apps >> Utilities Category.

Quick Guide:

Users can freely create as many email accounts required for the domains added to their Webuzo Panel.

Quick Guide :

Webuzo provides SquirrelMail as the default Webmail to access emails of the accounts created from the Webuzo Enduser Panel.

Quick Guide :

Once you have created Email Accounts using the tutorials mentioned above, here is a stepwise guide to configure your inbox on Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Getting Started
Assumptions :
* Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed.

* Configuration Settings
SMTP Host : (Domain Name)
TLS : Enabled

IMAP/POP3 Host : (Domain Name)
POP3 PORT : 993
SSL : Enabled

* Email Account Details
Email Account : [email protected]
Password : password

The following settings allow you to configure Outlook manually:
1) Click on Microsoft Outlook 2007 >> Tools >> Account Settings to Add an Email Account
Add Email Account

2) Click on “New” under the “Email” Tab.
Since we are to configure Outlook manually, tick the checkbox as in the following image.
New Email Account

3) Click on “Internet E-mail” in the following tab and Click Next
Internet E-mail

4) Fill in the details as mentioned earlier in the assumption with account type as POP3
Fill in the E-mail details

(a) Click on the “More Settings” to further configure your email account.
Tick the Check box for the Outgoing Server >> Authentication as in the image below

Patch is available to overcome the “505 Error” on CentOS 6.x which facilitates the setting below.
(b) Under “More Settings > Outgoing Server” make the following changes :
>> Tick the checkbox – “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”
>> Check the radio button – “Use same setting as my incoming mail server”
(SMTP) requires authentication

6) Click on the Advanced Tab inline for changes related to PORT and TLS as in the image below.

Under “More Settings > Advanced Settings” make the following changes :
Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
Use the following type of encrypted connection : TLS
Advanced Settings

7) Click OK and Hit “Test Account Settings” to test your setup. Click Finish to complete the Setup and you are good to go.

Hope the information was enough to help you configure Webuzo Emails on Outlook.

Demo :

Common Problems :
1) 550 Error
Skip Step 5(b) and add the Client IP to /etc/relayhosts on your server to resolve this issue.
Access the following URL to fetch the client machine IP where Outlook is installed.

Alternately, contact the Webuzo Support requesting the patch to override the above settings if Webuzo is deployed on CentOS 6.x


Follow this Quick Fix for 550 Relay-not-permitted Error

2) Temporary Connection Failure.
Confirm that the Dovecot and Exim Services are running on your server.
Since it is a temporary issue, a restart is recommended. Restart your services from the Webuzo Enduser Panel >> Services Menu

Quick Guide :

Installing Oxwall in the Amazon Cloud (AWS EC2)

Webuzo Oxwall StackOxwall is a fast-growing open source project that aims at creating a new generation community site platform. Oxwall aims at a wide range of audiences – starting from small private family websites up to top level destinations for millions users.

It is possible because of the flexibility that Oxwall provides. Oxwall Store contains hundreds of actively supported plugins and themes by Oxwall Foundation, 3rd party developers, and designers. You can have any combination of plugins set up, the way you need them in your particular case.

Webuzo – an Application Stack which can be used on any Virtual Machine, is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy Oxwall with it’s required dependencies like Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc) in the Amazon AWS Cloud by a click of a button.

Getting Started

– Login to the Webuzo Cloud Launcher (
Webuzo Cloud Launcher

– Fill in your AWS Credentials (API Key and Secret Key).
Webuzo AWS Credentials

– Get a Free Trial Virtual Appliance & Cloud License (if you do not have one) from here
Note : Other Webuzo Licenses can also be used.
Webuzo Trial License

– Click on Launch Application and Navigate to Oxwall from the Social Networking Category on the left

– Fill in the details for your instance, e.g Type of Instance, Region for the Server, Webuzo License Key to be used, etc and Click Launch
Webuzo Oxwall Navigation

– Sit back and relax. Your instance should be up within minutes
Webuzo Oxwall Installation Progress

– Instance is up and running. Time to configure it.
Webuzo Oxwall Configuration Options

– Configure your Oxwall Application to manage the access to the Oxwall Application and the Webuzo Panel.
Webuzo Oxwall Configuration

– Voila !!! It’s Done. Access your Oxwall application
Webuzo Oxwall Completed

– Access the Oxwall Admin Panel
Oxwall Admin Panel

– Access the Oxwall User Interface
Oxwall User Interface

Additional Functionality
– Manage your AWS instance from the Home Menu
Manage Webuzo Oxwall Instance
– Download the Keypair to be able to SSH to your AWS Instance
Download AWS Keypair

Some Striking Features about Oxwall:
1) Realtime activity notifications, newsfeed, instant chat
2) Photo, Video sharing
3) Blogs, forums, wiki
4) Groups, events, friends
5) Comment, tag, rate any kind of content
6) Privacy and profile customization
7) Collaboration, file sharing, video-conference tools

Some Striking Features about Webuzo :
1) System Apps like PHP, PERL, Python, NGinx, Apache, MySQL, MongDB, Java, etc. which can be installed by the click of a button.
2) Domain Management (Domain Name Server), FTP Management, Database Management
3) Multiple PHP versions, Switching between Apache and NGINX, SSL Certificate Management
4) Email Server – Email accounts of existing domains can be created.


Webuzo Cloud Launcher

Webuzo is glad to share an easier way to deploy and maintain popular Open Source web applications on cloud servers, using comamodity hardware.

Some features focused are:
– The simple and easy to use User Interface has been reworked to provide a much more intuitive interface to get apps deployed within no time.
– Complete control over the webuzo panel to allow administer the necessary settings and further auto install World’s most popular apps.
– Choose instance types as per requirements. For eg: Micro, Large, High-CPU Extra Large instances.
– Allows to launch instances in multiple zones apart from the default US Eastern Zone.
– Billing is done as per usage through Amazon AWS.

For individual developers, small development teams and entrepreneurs it brings a lot of value as you can concentrate building your apps or business without worrying about installing and maintaining software stacks.

Added capability to choose how much computing power to assign to individual apps you launch on Amazon EC2 via our simple and efficient UI.

Our friends in Asia and the Southwest Pacific area will be happy to learn that it’s now possible to deploy EC2-based webuzo cloud apps closer to home.

Visit the cloud at
Webuzo Cloud

You may view a short Video tutorial here.

TermsFeed Privacy Policy Generator Integrates with Webuzo

Webuzo is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy Privacy Policy Generator with required dependencies/system apps (Apache, NGinx, PHP, Java, MongoDB, etc) on their virtual machines or in the cloud.

Webuzo is glad to announce the availability of Privacy Policy Generator Webuzo Stack in the form of a Virtual Machine and thus providing one-click installation.

Users further have one-click installation of Privacy Policy Generator multiple times on the same VM.

The Privacy Policy Generator Webuzo Stack pages gives a brief idea about Privacy Policy Generator with reviews, ratings, demo, download VM, and overview.

Also, Privacy Policy Generator can be deployed in the Amazon Cloud on a click of a button with the Webuzo Cloud Launcher.

Demo :

Webuzo in another Amazon Continent – Tokyo

Launch your instances now closer to your Home. We are glad to announce that all of the Apps available in the Webuzo Library can now be easily deployed in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region.

Japan-based businesses and global companies with customers in Japan can run their applications and workloads in the Tokyo Region to reduce latency to end-users, keep their data entirely in Japan, and avoid the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with maintaining and operating their own infrastructure.

Webuzo Tokyo Cloud AWS

The Webuzo Cloud Launcher is just what you need to get started with the new region and deploy over 300+ Premium Applications by a click of a button. Webuzo Cloud Launcher greatly simplifies the process of deploying and managing the Applications and Frameworks in the cloud. For a newbie, it’s just like a ready-to-cook package and you are minutes away from your deployment.

The new AMIs allow Asian-based Webuzo users to run popular open source applications on cloud infrastructure in Japan, providing enhanced performance over cloud computing infrastructure based in other parts of the world.

List of Webuzo 2.1.2 AMIs :
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region : ami-b372e1b2
Eastern US(Virginia) : ami-359dde5c
Western US(N. California) : ami-283d176d
Western US(Oregon) : ami-c434a9f4
Europe(Ireland) : ami-f30c1787
South East Asia(Singapore) : ami-66e7af34
S. America(Sao Paulo) : ami-df2783c2

Deploying the Webuzo Service can be done manually as well.

Alternately, the Webuzo Cloud Launcher handles it all.