ImunifyAV is now the Default Anti Virus in Webuzo

Anti Virus software is one of the most important software required on any server considering the increasing amount of malware infections over the web.

At Webuzo we thrive to provide best security protection to all our users/servers and we are excited to announce that ImunifyAV will be auto installed during Webuzo installation from today.

What is ImunifyAV ?

ImunifyAV is a free malware scanner that detects any type of malicious file, including backdoors, web-shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘blackhat’ SEO, scripts, phishing pages, and many others.

How do I access ImunifyAV ?

Once ImunifyAV is installed you can find the ImunifyAV option in the left menu from the Webuzo admin panel where you can find the scan summary for all your accounts. You can run an on demand Scan and check the live reporting from the admin panel.

Do I have to Pay for ImunifyAV ?

Webuzo will install the Free version of ImunifyAV so you do not have to pay any extra cost.

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