Webuzo 2.5.0 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.5.0. This version introduces some minor fixes.
The following is a list of all changes :

1) [Feature] New ‘Rebranding Settings’ section introduced in General settings page of Admin panel.

2) [Feature] Setting added in Admin panel to use Webuzo mail and username and as Admin Email and admin user in script installations.

3) [Task] Minor GUI changes in General settings page of admin panel.

4) [Task] We have optimized our Webuzo installer and installation will now take much less time for completion.

5) [Fix] Detection for mod_rewrite added to resolve permalinks issues when using Apache as web server.

6) [Fix] After updating Webuzo, success message displayed incorrect version. This is now fixed.

7) [Fix] Demos and Ratings in About Section were getting displayed even if disabled. This is now fixed.

The Webuzo Team