Grails makes it’s way to the Webuzo System Applications Library

Webuzo GrailsGrails is an Open Source, full stack, web application framework for the JVM. It takes advantage of the Groovy programming language and convention over configuration to provide a productive and stream-lined development experience.

Webuzo is glad to announce the availability of Grails in the Webuzo System Apps Library.
Now you can install Grails by just-a-click of a button from the Webuzo Enduser Panel under the Apps Category.

Build modern, sophisticated and robust Groovy web applications in record time! Grails brings back the enjoyment of Java web development.
Get instant feedback, see instant results. Grails is the premier dynamic language web framework for the JVM.
Have your next Web project done in weeks instead of months. Grails delivers a new age of Java web application productivity.
Powered by Spring and designed for the JVM, Grails outperforms the competition. Dynamic, agile web development without compromises.
Learn more about Grails

Webuzo deploy Grails with all of it’s required dependencies like Java. Further you can also install Groovy as well by a click from the Webuzo End User Panel and built a powerful Java application with the Groovy + Grails Framework.

Webuzo manages ratings, reviews and demo of the Webuzo Grails Application to better know and choose to deploy the framework.

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