Dolphin added to the Amazon Marketplace

AWS MarketPlaceWebuzo is glad to list Dolphin in the AWS Marketplace thus simplifying the instance launching process and deploying favorite applications easily by a click of a button. AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software and services that run in the EC2 cloud.

Webuzo Dolphin LogoDolphin powered by Webuzo is pre-bundled with all the dependencies and requirements like Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. Dolphin is the world’s most advanced community software. Open-source, independent, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, free software for building social networks, dating sites and web-communities.
Loaded with video chat, recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messenger, mailbox, desktop app, video sharing, photo sharing, iPhone app and much more. Build your own business or advance your hobby with Dolphin!
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