ClipBucket + Webuzo + Amazon Cloud

Webuzo ClipBucket StackClipBucket is an OpenSource Multimedia Management Script Provided Free to the Community.This script comes with all the bells & whistles required to start your own Video Sharing website like Youtube, Metacafe, Veoh, Hulu or any other top video distribution application in matter of minutes.

ClipBucket is fastest growing script which was first started as Youtube Clone but now its advance features & enhancements makes it the most versatile, reliable & scalable media distribution platform with latest social networking features, while staying light on your pockets. Whether you are a small fan club or a big Multi Tier Network operator, Clipbucket will fulfill your video management needs.

Webuzo – an Application Stack which can be used on any Virtual Machine, is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy ClipBucket with it’s required dependencies like Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc) in the Amazon AWS Cloud by a click of a button using the Webuzo Cloud Launcher.

Getting Started

– Login to the Webuzo Cloud Launcher (
Webuzo Cloud Launcher

– Fill in your AWS Credentials (API Key and Secret Key).
Webuzo AWS Credentials

– Get a Free Trial Virtual Appliance & Cloud License (if you do not have one) from here
Note : Other Webuzo Licenses can also be used.
Webuzo Trial License

– Click on Launch Application and Navigate to ClipBucket from the Video Category on the left. Alternately, use the search box.

– Fill in the details for your instance, e.g Type of Instance, Region for the Server, Webuzo License Key to be used, etc and Click Launch
Webuzo ClipBucket Navigation

– Sit back and relax. Your instance should be up within minutes
Webuzo ClipBucket Installation Progress

– Instance is up and running. Time to configure it.
Webuzo ClipBucket Configuration Options

– Configure your ClipBucket Application to manage the access to the ClipBucket Application and the Webuzo Panel.
Webuzo ClipBucket Configuration

– Voila !!! It’s Done. Access your ClipBucket Application
Webuzo ClipBucket Completed

– Access the ClipBucket Admin Panel
ClipBucket Admin Panel

– Access the ClipBucket User Interface
ClipBucket User Interface

Additional Functionality
– Manage your AWS instance from the Home Menu
Manage Webuzo ClipBucket Instance
– Download the Keypair to be able to SSH to your AWS Instance
Download AWS Keypair

Some Striking Features about ClipBucket:

1) New Web 2.0 Layout
2) Easy to Moderate Videos, Users , Groups etc.
3) Create Different User Groups to assign different permissions
4) Improved SEO Friendly URLs
5) Extendible with Plugins and Addons like WordPress
6) Easy to install Themes and templates
7) Easy to install FLV Player
8) Daily Stats with graphical interface
9) Mass Uploader via FTP
10) Improved Channel System
11) User Categories
12) Advance reporting/flagging system
13) Ajax Based favorite,comments,ratings and reporting
14) Playlists & Quicklists & Search Engine
15) Highly customizable Profile page

Some Striking Features about Webuzo :
1) System Apps like PHP, PERL, Python, NGinx, Apache, MySQL, MongDB, Java, etc. which can be installed by the click of a button.
2) Domain Management (Domain Name Server), FTP Management, Database Management
3) Multiple PHP versions, Switching between Apache and NGINX, SSL Certificate Management
4) Email Server – Email accounts of existing domains can be created.

Demo :

Source :