Webuzo 2.5.7 Launched
Hi, The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.5.7. This version introduces some major performance and security features. The following is a list of changes : 1) [Feature] You can now run PHP FPM along with Apache 2.4 using FastCGI. 2) [Feature] Option added to enable/disable Fast CGI for Apache 2.4 in Apache Settings page. 3) [Feature] Added option to backup script installations on remote server via FTP. Endusers can add multiple remote backup locations and choose the preferred location. 4) [Task] cPanel importer is now stable and out of Beta. 5) [Task] Installed SSL certificates will now also be listed in create SSL certificate page. 6) [Task] Improved the Cloning process by pushing it in background to avoid timeout. 7) [Task] Added 'pre_addcron' and 'post_addcron' filters. Guide for the same is available here. 8) [Task] Added "Sync installations list with Webuzo Records" setting in the Admin Panel so if the installation directory does not exist, it will be automatically removed from the records. 9) [Task] Added "Detect and update actual version of installations" setting in the Admin Panel so if the user has manually updated their installation the correct version will be updated in the records via CRON. 10) [Task] List of SSL Cipher Suite has been updated*. 11) [Task] Browsers will now be forced to use server's ciphers over their own*. 12) [Task] Webservers will now create and use a Diffie Hellman key to verify client certificates and prevent logjam vulnerability*. 13) [Task] Server signature is now turned off in all webserver and PHP versions*. 14) [Fix] RewriteURL did not work if the default webserver was Apcahe 2.4. This is now fixed*. *PHP and Webservers will need to be updated to the latest for these to take effect. Regards, The Webuzo Team
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