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Scala is an acronym for "Scalable Language". This means that Scala grows with you. Scala is the preferred workhorse language for many mission critical server systems. You can play with it by typing one-line expressions and observing the results. But you can also rely on it for large mission critical systems, as many companies, including Twitter, LinkedIn, or Intel do.

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  • Scala is a pure-bred object-oriented language.


  • Even though its syntax is fairly conventional, Scala is also a full-blown functional language.

Seamless Java Interop

  • Scala runs on the JVM. Java and Scala classes can be freely mixed, no matter whether they reside in different projects or in the same.

Functions are Objects

  • Scala's approach is to develop a small set of core constructs that can be combined in flexible ways.


  • Scala particularly shines when it comes to scalable server software that makes use of concurrent and synchronous processing, parallel utilization of multiple cores, and distributed processing in the cloud.


  • Maybe most important is that programming in Scala tends to be very enjoyable. No boilerplate, rapid iteration, but at the same time the safety of a strong static type system.

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