Webuzo 2.2.8 Launched

The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.2.8. This version has some quick new features and minor bug fixes.


The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.2.8. This version has some quick new features and minor bug fixes.

1) Upgrade System Applications : Users can now upgrade their System Applications like Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, etc by a click of a button from the Webuzo Enduser Panel.
Upgrade System Applications

2) Users can now add SPF records for the respective domains from the Advanced DNS Menu.

3) [BUG FIX] Users could add directory as well instead of file to the extra configuration menu. This is fixed now.

Hope you enjoy this version of Webuzo

Fixing the SquirrelMail Permissions Error in Webuzo

Squirrel MailWebuzo is ported with SquirrelMail as the default web-client to access emails.
SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML 4.0 (with no JavaScript required) for maximum compatibility across browsers. It has very few requirements and is very easy to configure and install. SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.

It is deployed along with Exim – the SMTP Email Server, which can be installed by a click from the Webuzo Enduser Panel >> Apps >> Utilities Category

Guide : http://www.webuzo.com/wiki/Install_System_Apps

Accessing SquirrelMail is as simple as a pie with Webuzo.
Guide : http://webuzo.com/wiki/Access_Emails

Issue # 1
You can face the “Error connecting to IMAP server: example.com.
111 : Connection refused
” Error id Dovecot service is not installed on your server.
Squirrel IMAP Error

Fix for the same is to quickly install Dovecot by a click from the Webuzo Enduser Panel >> Apps >> Utilities Category
Guide : http://www.webuzo.com/wiki/Install_System_Apps

Restart the Dovecot Service to avoid other issues:
Guide : http://webuzo.com/wiki/Restart_services

From the command line:
service dovecot restart

Issue # 2
For instance you may face an error as follows while logging in to the web-client, which is related to inappropriate permissions for the attach and data directories.

Squirrel Mail Error

Execute the following commands from your terminal as a root user to fix the above issue.

chown -R emps:emps /var/local/vmail/attach/
chown -R emps:emps /var/local/vmail/data/

That’s it !!! Simple enough !!!

Issue # 3
You can also come across a “Temporary Failure” Error while sending emails from SquirrelMail

Quick Fix for the same is to restart the Dovecot and Exim services.

Guide : http://webuzo.com/wiki/Restart_services

From the command line:
service dovecot restart
service exim restart

Demo :
Admin Panel : http://demo.webuzo.com/
Enduser Panel : http://demo.webuzo.com/enduser/

Support : https://www.softaculous.com/support/open.php?

Intelliants products now available via Webuzo

We have a great news for our members who use eSyndiCat & Subrion scripts. Now the installation of these products is even easier than before, as Webuzo has added both products to the scripts library. You can easily deploy eSyndiCat or Subrion installation within few minutes using the Webuzo Application Manager locally or on your VPS or in the Cloud.

Subrion Webuzo Application Stack

Webuzo has bundled both eSyndiCat & Subrion into the Virtual appliance with all it dependencies i.e Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. It can also be run on NGINX with some additional configurations if required. Basically it is available in a ready-to-cook form.

Here are few simple steps you need to make to start using our scripts:

1) Download eSyndiCat or Subrion and Extract the Virtual Appliance
2) Start the Virtual Appliance with tools like VMPlayer, Virtual Box, etc.
3) Follow the instruction to configure your Box

Simple, isn’t it?

Both eSyndiCat & Subrion scripts can also be deployed on the AWS Amazon Cloud within minutes using the Webuzo Cloud Launcher.

Note : Contact Support if you face any trouble.

Source : Intelliants Announcement

Quickly Deploy Webuzo on VMware Player

Webuzo WordPress StackWebuzo is bundled in the form of Ready-to-cook Virtual Machine with all of the dependencies simplifying the tasks to the users. Get started with Webuzo within minutes and deploy over 310+ apps by a click on your local development environment.

This tutorial will guide you to quickly deploy Webuzo on the VMWare Player (Virtual Appliance Tool)

1) VMWare Player – is a virtualization software package supplied free of charge by VMware
Download Link

Getting Started
1) Download the Webuzo Virtual Machine from the Webuzo Downloads Page and Extract the ZIP
Webuzo Downloads Page

2) Right Click on the File Webuzo.vmx and Click “Open with VMware Player”
Webuzo VMX

3) The Virtual Machine will be up within minutes with instructions to Configure your Webuzo Box
Webuzo VMware Configuration

4) Proceed to the Webuzo Initial Setup to configure Webuzo
Webuzo Initial Setup

5) Voila !!! Hope that was simple enough !!!

Source : http://www.vmware.com/

Webuzo Cloud Launcher

Webuzo is glad to share an easier way to deploy and maintain popular Open Source web applications on cloud servers, using comamodity hardware.

Some features focused are:
– The simple and easy to use User Interface has been reworked to provide a much more intuitive interface to get apps deployed within no time.
– Complete control over the webuzo panel to allow administer the necessary settings and further auto install World’s most popular apps.
– Choose instance types as per requirements. For eg: Micro, Large, High-CPU Extra Large instances.
– Allows to launch instances in multiple zones apart from the default US Eastern Zone.
– Billing is done as per usage through Amazon AWS.

For individual developers, small development teams and entrepreneurs it brings a lot of value as you can concentrate building your apps or business without worrying about installing and maintaining software stacks.

Added capability to choose how much computing power to assign to individual apps you launch on Amazon EC2 via our simple and efficient UI.

Our friends in Asia and the Southwest Pacific area will be happy to learn that it’s now possible to deploy EC2-based webuzo cloud apps closer to home.

Visit the cloud at
Webuzo Cloud

You may view a short Video tutorial here.

PHP 5.5 is now available in Webuzo

We are glad to announce a availability of PHP 5.5.1 with the new version of Webuzo. With it’s one-click installation from the Apps category, you can now switch among THREE versions of PHP – PHP 5.3 / PHP 5.4 / PHP 5.5

Webuzo LAMP/LEMP Stacks are bundled in a way that include everything you need to run your favorite web apps and development frameworks and help you get started in minutes.

You can get the download the Webuzo VM for your favorite application and get started from your desktop in just a few clicks. These stacks can also be quickly deployed on the AWS Amazon EC2 Cloud using the Webuzo Cloud Launcher.

These new development stacks bundle the following main components:
– PHP 5.5.1
– Apache 2.4.4
– MySQL 5.5.31
– phpMyAdmin 4.0.1

Switch among PHP versions from the System Utilities Menu in the Webuzo Enduser Panel.
Guide : http://webuzo.com/wiki/System_Utilities

Webuzo PHP 5.5