Webuzo 3.6.7 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released version 3.6.7 which includes some features like Jailshell, SOA record in DNS, Calendar in Email Client etc:

1)[Feature] Jailshell feature has been launched in Beta.

2)[Feature] Reseller can own himself.

3)[Feature] SOA record added for DNZ zones for Admins.

4)[Feature] MySQL Database Wizard has been added.

5)[Feature] Calendar is now supported in the Email Client (RoundCube).

6)[Improvement] Imunify360 is now stable.

7)[Improvement] Closest Mirror feature has been added to download packages from the closest Webuzo mirrors.

8)[Improvement] Separated the Databases of the Email Client (RoundCube) of each email account.

9)[Improvement] Search added in ModSec Tools Wizard.

10)[Improvement] Search added in Notices Wizard to search for a particular notice type.

11)[Improvement] Search added in Multi PHP Wizard to search for specific PHP version.

12)[Improvement] Option to sort by domains and username added in the List Domains added in List Users wizards.

13)[Improvement] Webmail Logo has been added in Admin Panel -> Rebranding Settings

14)[Improvement] Services wizards will now list the service name as well.

15)[Improvement] A setting to disable IP check in Sessions has been added.

16)[Improvement] Option to disable issuing AutomaticSSL certs for newly added domain has been added.

17)[Improvement] Terminal Icon added in top right corner of Admin Panel.

18)[Bug-Fix] The cPanel Converter would miss users having the Plan set as a tar.gz file. This is a rare case. This is fixed.

19)[Bug-Fix] The cPanel Converter would miss certain A records for some domains. This is a rare case. This is fixed.

20)[Bug-Fix] SMTP Restrictions was not working in some scenarios. This is fixed.

21)[Bug-Fix] Redirects would lower the case of the whole URL. This is fixed.

22)[Bug-Fix] Create Email Filters did not allow spaces. This fixed.

23)[Bug-Fix] Either FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch should be there for Apache2

24)[Bug-Fix] Locked IPs due to Brute Force can be disabled reset via the WAPI CLI.

25)[Bug-Fix] Cronjobs did not allow <tags> in the cron command. This is fixed.

26)[Bug-Fix] Exim Relayers wizard showed only 1 domain of the user. This is fixed.

27)[Bug-Fix] In PHP-FPM settings, added a check for the StartServers variable to be a value within Min and Max Spare Servers.

28)[Improvement] MongoDB updated to 6.0.3.

29)[Improvement] Awstats will show Full Year Views as well.

30)[Improvement] LiteSpeed now issue trial license automatically.

31)[Bug-Fix] If a Webserver is removed, the ModSec Vendors should also be removed.

Launched in Release Candidate on 30th December 2022.
Launched in Stable on 09th Jan 2023.

Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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