Webuzo System Applications : PHP (5.6 – 7.2) Updated
Hi, The last update to the all the PHP versions was supposed to fix the Hard Reboot issue if PHP was running as a FPM service. Due to a bug the issue was not fixed and it continued to exist, today after reviewing the bug the team has launched all the PHP versions with updated service file to fix the Hard Reboot issue. If you have installed multiple PHP version's we encourage you to update all the PHP's instead of the default one as the fix requires all the PHP's installed on your server to have the updated service for the fix to work correctly. Lastly, we have an version update for PHP 7.2: Change log for PHP 7.2 can be checked at the following link: We hope this update fixes most of the 50x errors encountered for your websites. Let me know in the comments if you are facing any issues with the upgrade or want to know more about the new service file, I will try to answer as many as I can. Regards, The Webuzo Team
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