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    • Supports programming with inheritance, mixins and metaclasses.
    • Dynamic typing and duck typing.
    • Literal notation for arrays and structs.
    • Embedding variables in strings.
    • Named arguments, optional arguments, and default arguments.
    • Three levels of object variable scope: This (object public), Variables (object private), Local (function private).
    • Multiple global variable scope: Request, Session, Client, Application, Server, Cluster.
    • Distinct user-provided variable scopes: Form (post), Url (get), Cookie, CGI.
    • Automatic garbage collection, (via JVM).
    • Global and local exception handling, (via onError and try/catch.)
    • Custom dispatch behaviour (through onMissingMethod and implicit getters and setters).
    • Implicit object conversion (through _toString, _toNumeric, _toBoolean, _toDate).
    • Native threads.
    • Support for, multiple character encodings, and i18n.
    • Large standard library, covering common web development needs.
    • Native handling for easily creating and consuming web services.
    • Separate GUI Administrators for individual web contexts, plus a global server administrator.
    • All admin settings configurable programmatically, or via editing XML config files.
    • Native resources for all built-in filesystem tags and functions.
    • Clustering and Synchronization for both traditional and cloud servers.
    • Task Manager for scheduling repeated actions, or re-trying failed events.
    • Native support for Hibernate ORM.
    • Large number of image manipulation functions.
    • Event Gateways for asynchronous code execution.
    • Native session management (CFML sessions or J2EE sessions) with onSessionStart and onSessionEnd triggers.
    • Built-in user authentication and roles functionality.
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