Version: 3.1.9

Votes : 77

  • Space Required : 0.11 MB
  • Release Date : 14-05-2011
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  • APC Functions

    • apc_add Cache a new variable in the data store.
    • apc_bin_dump Get a binary dump of the given files and user variables
    • apc_bin_dumpfile Output a binary dump of cached files and user variables to a file
    • apc_bin_load Load a binary dump into the APC file/user cache
    • apc_bin_loadfile Load a binary dump from a file into the APC file/user cache
    • apc_cache_info Retrieves cached information from APC's data store
    • apc_cas Updates an old value with a new value
    • apc_clear_cache Clears the APC cache
    • apc_compile_file Stores a file in the bytecode cache, bypassing all filters.
    • apc_dec Decrease a stored number
    • apc_define_constants Defines a set of constants for retrieval and mass-definition
    • apc_delete_file Deletes files from the opcode cache
    • apc_delete Removes a stored variable from the cache
    • apc_exists Checks if APC key exists
    • apc_fetch Fetch a stored variable from the cache
    • apc_inc Increase a stored number
    • apc_load_constants Loads a set of constants from the cache
    • aapc_sma_info Retrieves APC's Shared Memory Allocation information
    • apc_store Cache a variable in the data store
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