Webuzo 3.0.0 Multi-User Version Launched


The Webuzo team is extremely proud to announce the public beta availability of Webuzo 3.0.0. We have launched Multi User support in this version. Upgrade is not available at this point in time but will be made available once we make Webuzo 3.X.X stable. We are setting a target to make Webuzo 3.x.x stable by the end of July 2021 or early August 2021. A WHMCS and Blesta Module is also available to test Webuzo 3.0.0.

Following are the important links to get started :

  1. Installation Guide :
  2. WHMCS Module to offer Shared Hosting :
  3. Blesta Module to offer Shared Hosting :
  4. Installing Softaculous with Webuzo :

The UI and UX will undergo more changes before we become stable. Following are screenshots of the enduser UI :

Admin Interface UI / UX :

Admin Home Screen
List Users
Add User
List Plans
Webuzo Configuration
Installed Applications
Service TLS Manager

The Webuzo Team

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