Webuzo 3.0.1 Launched


The Webuzo Team has launched 3.0.1. The following is the list of changes :

1) [Improvement] : Added cron job utility in Admin panel.

2) [Improvement] : Improved the search and left menu in the Enduser Panel.

3) [Bug Fix] : The database users were not restored correctly while restoring backup. This has been fixed.

4) [Bug Fix] : There was a bug in cPanel importer. This has been fixed.

5) [Bug Fix] : There was a bug in showing bandwidth in the enduser panel. This has been fixed.

6) [Bug Fix] : There was a bug in Remote Access Host to allow host for MYSQL. This has been fixed.

The upcoming version will bring some Improvements, features and changes.

The Webuzo Team

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