Webuzo 3.4.5 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released version 3.4.5 which includes several new features like SMTP Restrictions, Custom DNS templates, IP Migration wizard, Email Disk Usage wizard, Log Rotation, Google/Microsoft MX records management with a click and several Reseller features like IP Delegation, Shared IPs allocation, Reseller Privileges management for individual resellers and many more features and fixes.

1) [Feature] Added SMTP Restriction feature to allow only MTA and root to connect to remote SMTP servers thus preventing unsolicited outgoing emails.


2) [Feature] Added Custom DNS templates management where admins can customize the DNS records which should be added when a new domain/user is created.


3) [Feature] Added IP Migration wizard to migrate the old IPs with the new one and update the IPs in server configuration and DNS zone files.


4) [Feature] Added Email disk usage wizard for admin and enduser(s) where they can determine the disk usage per email and perform a cleanup or delete the old emails with custom search option.


5) [Feature] Added Log Rotation wizard to customize the threshold size to rotate logs for services like Apache, PHP-FPM, Pure-FTPd, Exim, etc


6) [Feature] Added MX management for Google Suite and Microsoft 365 emails for domains. It will delete the existing MX records and add the required records for Google/Microsoft with just one click.


7) [Feature] Added Reseller IP Delegation wizard to choose the IPs that can be used by individual resellers.


8) [Feature] Added Reseller Shared IP wizard to choose the Shared IP for individual resellers.


9) [Feature] Added feature to assign Reseller Privileges to individual resellers. You can now restrict number of accounts, disk, bandwidth, overselling custom nameservers and much more for each reseller or globally for all resellers.


10) [Feature] Added Nameservers customization wizard in the Reseller panel to allow resellers to choose their custom nameservers or inherit from root.


11) [Feature] Added wizard to customize the TTL for DNS zone from admin panel.


12) [Feature] Added Park Domain wizard in the Admin Panel.


13) [Feature] Added Domain Forwarding wizard in the Admin panel.


14) [Feature] Added links to list Addon domains, Sub-domains, Parked domains, Aliases and Domain redirects.

15) [Feature] Added wizard to add/delete DNS zone from the admin panel.


16) [Feature] Added DNS cleanup wizard to delete duplicate entries from zone files.


17) [Feature] Added wizard to manage Spamd Startup Configuration.


18) [Feature] Added wizard to manage Email Routing Configuration for individual domains.


19) [Feature] Added Email Greylisting feature to prevent incoming spam emails from unrecognized senders.


20) [Feature] Added Email Troubleshooter wizard to troubleshoot the email configuration issues.


21) [Feature] Added System Mail Preferences wizard to customize recipient of emails from system users like webuzo, nobody and root.


22) [Feature] Added wizard to apply Restrictions to incoming, outgoing and login for individual email accounts from the admin and enduser panel.


23) [Improvement] Valid DKIM, SPF and DMARC records will now be published for newly created domains.

24) [Improvement] Added option to bulk delete email accounts from the admin panel and enduser panel.

25) [Improvement] Added option to set an IP as Shared or Dedicated.

26) [Improvement] Added option in admin panel to choose a custom DKIM selector.

27) [Improvement] Added options to customize the client max body size and many more PHP-FPM configuration for the Webuzo panel.

28) [Improvement] Added email encryption option for endusers.

29) [Improvement] Exim configuration shifted from /home/username/etc to /etc/exim/users/username for better security.

30) [Improvement] Search options improved in the Admin Panel for a lot of wizards.

31) [Task] While editing a plan applying the updated settings to each user is now pushed in background.

32) [Bug Fix] Email Deliverability wizard in Admin Panel status check used to fail at times. This is fixed.

33) [Bug Fix] In cPanel Importer DKIM keys were getting added twice. This is fixed.

34) [Bug Fix] In cPanel Importer timeout during backups was not detected well. This is fixed.

We hope you like the features in this version.

We are working around the clock to add more and more features. Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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