Clientexec Shared Hosting Module


Webuzo supports the remote creation of hosting accounts or reseller accounts via billing systems like Clientexec. Clientexec can be configured to create the account as soon as you accept the Order (Automatically or Manually). We provide a module for Clientexec to enable you to do so. Setting it up is really easy. You can create, delete, suspend a hosting account, login to hosting account with this module.


Clientexec will be required for this module.


Clientexec should include the Webuzo module by default. If it is not present or if you wish to download the latest version you can Download the Webuzo Clientexec module from HERE. (Last updated : Jan, 2024)
Unzip it and upload the folder webuzo (the folder itself), in your /path/to/clientexec/plugins/server/ directory.
Please make sure that the upload was done properly and the following file exists :


Webuzo uses ports from 2002 – 2005. If there is any firewall restricting this, you will need to allow these ports.

Webuzo Server API Keys

You will need to create API Keys in Webuzo to add the server to Clientexec.
To do this go to your Webuzo Admin Panel -> Settings -> API Keys and click on Add New


Add Webuzo Server to Clientexec

To add the Webuzo Server, navigate to Servers Page, under Settings > Products > Servers Page, click on Add Server

 button. Fill the form as shown in the below images :


Test Connection

After saving the server you can test the connection using Test Connection button. If the server details are correct you will see the success message. If the test connection fails please make sure ports 2002 - 2005 are allowed in Firewall on your Clientexec server to access Webuzo server. Also make sure you copied the correct API Key and All Acts are allowed for the API Key.

Configure Product

Make sure you have added the Webuzo Server to Clientexec before you create a product. Now go to Products page under Settings > Products > Products page and add/edit a product.
Choose the Advanced & Plugin Settings tab.
Here choose your Webuzo server and enter the Slug of your Plan/Package you created in Webuzo panel. For e.g. If your Plan name is Cl Plan the slug will be cl-plan


If you haven't created a Webuzo Plan you can do it from the Webuzo admin panel as shown in the below screenshot :


Please save the changes and your product is now configured and users can purchase the hosting accounts in this manner.


The Enduser(s) can Login to the Webuzo panel from their Clientexec panel. They can also change the password of their hosting account.


Similarly the Admin can also manage all aspects of the hosting account like change IP, change password, change primary domain, delete, suspend, unsuspend the account and Login to Webuzo panel as well :



If you need any assistance then please contact Webuzo Support. Please send us a screenshot of the Module Settings of your Product.

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