Manage Apache Subversion


This Page will help you in Creating and Managing your SVN Repositories. Creating SVN Repositories in Webuzo is very easy. Here are the Screenshots that shows how to create and manage SVN Repositories.

Create Repository

  • Just name the repository you wish to create and click on the Create button to the create the repository. This is how it will look when your repository is created.

Create and Add Repository User

  • Now create a user for the repository. Name user and set password for repository soft_Smith and click on Create button to create user.
  • After creating the repository user Add your user to the repository.

Set Privileges for Repository User

  • After adding user you will be directed to the page where you can set Privileges for the repository. This page helps you in setting the permission for your repository .i.e you can have No Access or Read Access or Read/Write Access for your repository.

Delete Repository

  • You can delete your repository anytime. Just click on the icon shown to you in the below image and delete your repository.

Delete Repository User

  • You can delete your repository user just like you deleted your repository. To delete your repository user just click on the icon shown to you in the below image.

Repository URL for SVN Checkout

  • Take an SVN checkout of the Repository created in Webuzo by clicking the link icon in the Repository tab.
  • After clicking the link icon, to copy the URL you can just click the copy icon which will copy the URL to your clipboard or you can select the URL using your mouse.
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