Edit PHP Configuration


This guide will show how you can Edit the PHP Configuration / PHP INI Settings.


The php.ini file is the main configuration file for PHP. It is used to define various settings and configurations that affect the behaviour and functionality of PHP on your server or application.

In the context of PHP, "basic mode" and "editor mode" are not standard terminologies. It's possible that these terms refer to specific configurations or settings related to PHP and its configuration file (php.ini).

Basic mode: It could refer to a simplified or minimalistic configuration of PHP.

Editor mode: This could refer to the mode or method used to edit the php.ini file.


Go to Admin panel > Apps > Edit PHP INI 

Select Basic Mode

Select the PHP Version for which you want to make changes 


Make Changes for the PHP Directives mentioned.

Edit changes, then click on Apply to save the change


You can also make changes in the php.ini file by selecting the editor mode.


Note: This is a configuration file, any changes in the file will change the PHP Configuration.

Make changes in the file and then click on save to make changes in the file.

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