How to setup tomcat with Application Manager


Install Tomcat package as per version required.

In case Tomcat is not installed please ask your server admin to install it from  Webuzo Admin Panel > Apps > Install App

Setup Tomcat

To setup tomcat go to Webuzo Enduser Panel > Applications > Add Applications

Note: Tomcat will be setup on the given "Application Path".

Fill the required fields, select tomcat from "Application type" drop down and save it.


After saving it will be show in "List Applications" wizard.


After tomcat setup "tomcat" folder will be created at application path and you can see the tomcat default page on the given domain.


To run other applications you can copy your application in "webapps" folder inside tomcat setup.

Example: Added sample application in it and access with "" .


You can also try to setup Magnolia CMS by following below guide :

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