Guide to Git deployment


The GitTM Version Control feature of Webuzo allows you to manage Webuzo managed repositories. You can automatically or manually deploy changes to the Webuzo managed repositories.

For example, you could use deployment to make changes to your website locally. Then, automatically send them to a directory on your Webuzo enduser account.


Before deployment, repositories must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid .deploy.json file in the remote directory.
  • One or more local or remote branches.
  • A clean working tree.

The deployment JSON file

The valid .deploy.json file determines how and where the changed files deploy. You must check a .deploy.json file in to the remote directory for each Webuzo managed repository that you deploy. The valid .deploy.json file must use the format in the examples below.

  "DEPLOYPATH" : "/home/user/git_repo",  // DEPLOYPATH : where changes will be deployed
  "task" :  {
    "0" : "index.php",   // This will deploy only index.php file
    "1" : "images",      // This will deploy Entire images Directory with all its files

NOTE : The file above is only example. You must update it to suit your needs.

Important : We recommend you to not use a wildcard character, such as an asterisk(*), to deploy all files. This could deploy items like the .git directory and cause serious problems.

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