Import from Direct Admin


This guide shows you how to import your existing Direct Admin user account directly to Webuzo.


Navigate to Webuzo Enduser Panel > Server Utilities > Import From Direct Admin


You can import user with backup file which must be present on user home directory at Webuzo panel that means Import with local file.

You can directly import with user credenitals that is Remote Import

Also you can import with existing backup file from Direct Admin but this needs user credentials to scan for the existing backups.

Remote Import

Requirements :
  • Direct Admin Server Address: - IP address or Hostname of your Direct Admin account.
  • User Name - DirectAdmin Username same as Webuzo username.
  • Password - DirectAdmin User password

Steps :

  • Populate the Form with the DirectAdmin Server IP, User and Password details.
Remote Import

If you select Scan existing backups (.tar.zst) saved in home directory at DirectAdmin option which is OPTIONAL, then you will have a input group box to scan existing backups at specified directory in users home directory at DirectAdmin.


You can keep this option uncheck and normally import user as this is optional but useful to directly use existing backups for import.

Local backup file import

Requirements :
  • DirectAdmin backup file - Full Direct Admin backup file name stored on webuzo machine.
    For example backup-Aug-28-2023-1.tar.zst (For local backup file import)

Steps :
  • Check the box of " Do you have backup saved on the local server ? "
  • Now enter backup file location with backup filename
    For example : /backupsofDA/backup-Aug-28-2023-1.tar.zst
  • Click on Submit to Import the DirectAdmin Account.

You can check the logs of the same import process by clicking on logs tab


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