How to disable SELinux


Webuzo is not compatible with SELinux. Keeping SELinux enabled can lead to various problems or prevent certain features from functioning properly.

keeping SELinux disabled before installing Webuzo is highly recommended. However you can disable it after webuzo installation as Webuzo provides warning in the UI that SELinux is enabled and ask to disable it.

This guide will show you if SELinux is enabled on your operating system and how to DISABLE it.


From the command-line open the following file /etc/selinux/config with your preferred text editor.

This file should look like this :

With your preferred editor you need to edit the following line SELINUX=enforcing  to  SELINUX=disabled .

Once you made the above change to disable SELinux be sure to reboot your server.

To make sure SELinux is disabled properly, just check SELinux status with sestatus command it will show SELinux is disabled.


Once the SELinux is disabled successfully and on Webuzo Panel you see a warning or notice about SELinux you can ignore that or simply you can Dismiss that notice.

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