Send Email With Specific IP


This guide will show you how to Send email with specific IP.

The IP address must be listed in the control panel and also configured in the system's IP.

To send an email from a specific IP address, you need to add the IP entry to the mailips file located at /etc/mailips


Open the /etc/mailips file to view the list of domains configured in the panel. Each domain is associated with an IP address, indicating which IP the domain uses to send emails.

Add the specific IP to the domain you want to send email and save the file.

By default webuzo rebuild the /etc/mailips file. To prevent revert changes in file we have to stop rebuilding mailips file.

To prevent the automatic rebuilding of the mailips file, Go to admin panel >  mail settings, and activate the 'Disable Automatic Mail IPs Rebuilding' option. This ensures that changes made to the mailips file remain unaffected.



If you want to send emails from a specific IP for the domain, edit the /etc/mailips file and add the IP address for that domain.
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