Add Email Forwarder


This guide shows you how to Add an Email Forwarder.

Email forwarding generically refers to the operation of re-sending an email message delivered to one email address 
on to a possibly different email address. 


You can Add an Email Forwarder from your Webuzo Enduser Panel > Email Server > Email Forwarder

Screenshot : Email Forwarder


  • Populate the TO and FROM fields and Click Create Forwarder to create an Email Forwarder.
  • You will see this pop-up on success.

That's it.

Required Inputs

  • Address Forward - Source email address whose emails are to be forwarded.
  • To Email Address - Destination email address, intended recipient of the forwarded emails.

Email Pipe

Webuzo allows users to create Email Pipe to automate their scripts

Email piping is a technique of sending email message as an input to a program rather than appending the message
to the mailbox file, allowing for real-time email delivery and handling.


  • Click on the Advanced Option Button in the Email Forwarder Utility.
  • Populate the field pointing to your Email Pipe and Click Create Forwarder to Create the Email Pipe.
  • You will see this pop-up on success.

That's it.

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