Add Extra Configuration File


This guide shows you how to add your extra configuration file for your domain for respective Web Server


You can Add a Extra Configuration File from your Webuzo Enduser Panel > Domain > Extra Configuration

Screenshot : Extra Configuration

Add Extra Configuration File


  • Select the Domain for which you want to ADD Extra Configuration File.
    For e.g : 
  • Select the Webserver for which you want to ADD Extra Configuration File.
    For e.g : Apache 
  • Populate the input field with the location of your configuration file.
  • Click on the Add Record Button to ADD.
  • You can see the entire list of your Extra Configuration file as per your web domains

Required Input

File Path - Refers to the Location of your file e.g /home/example/yourfile.conf
Note : Make sure it is readable by the web server is running.

You can further delete your Extra Configuration File.

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