IP Block v2


This guide will help you Block/Unblock IPs and restrict access.

IP address blocking prevents the connection between a server or website and certain IP addresses. IP address blocking effectively bans undesired connections from hosts using affected addresses to a website, mail server, or other Internet server.

Webuzo allows you to effectively block/unblock IP addresses from its Enduser Panel.

Blocking IPs


1) Click on IP Block from the Security Section

2) Add the IPs you want to Block and hit Add.

3) A success message will pop-up once the IPs are added to the block list.

Formats Types

  • CIDR Block (e.g.:
  • IP Range (e.g.:
  • Single IP (e.g.:
  • Domain name

Unblocking an IP


1) Click on Delete icon inline to the IPs you want to unblock

2) You will be prompted to confirm your deletion .

3) Hit YES. That's it

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