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What is a DNS Zone ?

  • DNS zone is a portion of a domain name space using the Domain Name System (DNS) for which administrative responsibility has been delegated.
  • DNS zone refers to a certain portion or administrative space within the global Domain Name System (DNS).

The DNS Zone file

The DNS Zone file is the representation of the DNS Zone - it is the actual file, which contains all the records for a specific domain. In a DNS Zone file, each line can hold only one record, and each DNS Zone file must start with the TTL (Time to Live), which specifies for how long the records should be kept in the DNS Server's cache. The other mandatory record for a DNS Zone file is the SOA (Start of Authority) record - it specifies the primary authoritative name server for the DNS Zone.

DNS Zone Management

It includes a wide range of tasks, such as defining the name hierarchy within the zone, and name registration procedures maintaining the proper operation of the DNS servers. The amount of management actions depends on the size of authority standing behind a particular DNS zone. Through the user-friendly Webuzo App Manager you can manage all the records in a DNS zone. DNS Zone Settings is an exciting feature provided by Webuzo.

DNS Zone Management with Webuzo

Webuzo App Manager helps you manage all the records in a DNS zone.

Adding a record

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Edit a record

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Delete a record

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