Migration From Another Panel


This guide depicts the steps to migrate from another panel. Also please NOTE that ONLY ONE user can be shifted to Webuzo as Webuzo is a Single User Application Panel.


  • Webuzo must be installed on the new server. The username of the account should be the same as the one you are migrating from the other Panel. e.g. If the username is john on the other panel, it must be john on Webuzo as well.
  • Create all the domains on your new server
    Here is the guide to add the domains.
  • Also make changes according to your DNS Zone files Setting.
    Here is the guide to set DNS settings:
  • SSH to your server as USER not as root.

Move your site

  • Move to the HOME directory of the USER i.e. /home/USER/ on the current server.
  • Take a backup of the contents of the HOME directory using the following command:
USER@host > tar -zcvpf test.tar 
  • Copy the backup tar to your new server using the following command.
USER@host > scp -p test.tar USER@NEW_IP_ADDRESS:/home/USER/ 
  • Now SSH to your new server as USER.
  • Move to the HOME directory of the USER i.e. /home/USER/ on the new server
  • Extract the tar using following command
USER@host > tar -xvzf test.tar 

Note: Executing the above commands as ROOT user can lead to issues related to File permission crashing installations.

Move Your Database

  • Export you databases individually
  • STEPS (using phpMyAdmin):
  • Select your database > Export > Custom - display all possible options
  • Uncheck "IF NOT EXISTS" under the option "Object creation"
  • Select "insert multiple rows in every INSERT statement" under "Dump Options"
  • Uncheck "Dump binary columns in hexadecimal notation" and Click "GO"
  • This will create a .sql with your database name
  • Import the databases individually to your new server
  • STEPS (using phpMyAdmin):
  • Create a Database with the same name as the file to be imported
  • Click on Import > Browse the file and Click "GO"
  • That's it..

Move Your SSL certificate and Securing Site

  • Move all the SSL Certificates and Keys to /home/USERS/ssl folder
  • Further you can install individual certificates from the Webuzo Enduser Panel

Move your Email account

You have to add the Email account manually from the enduser panel.

Move your FTP Account

You have to add the FTP Users manually from the enduser panel.

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