Repair Mailbox Permissions


Repair Mailbox Permissions will inspect mailbox ownership and permissions and attempt to fix any issues that may exist.


Go to Webuzo Admin Panel >> Email >>  Repair Mailbox Permissions


Click on checkbox of Check All Users to fix the mail directory permissions and ownership recursively of all users or if you want to fix particular user mail directory permissions  and ownership then you have to uncheck the All Users, you will get a field to add particular user by selecting them.


After this, Click on Proceed.


Proceed will popup the done message box on that you have to click on Ok button.


Check the Logs and when logs complete with done at the end of line. It will fixed the user's mail directory ownership and permissions recursively.


Cli Command

Below command will find the mail directory of each user and fix their ownership and permissions if their improper.

webuzo --dovecot_fix_mail_perms
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