Manage Services

To restart a service

You can restart any of the services provided by Webuzo. The simple and easy-to-use GUI makes it efficient.

Navigate to the Services tab in the Advance settings section.

Restart Apache Server

If you have made changes to the Apache configuration file httpd.conf or one of the other included configuration files such as the vhosts.d files, you need to reload the Apache service for the changes to take effect. You can restart you Apache Server at any point. image

You will see the above message once Apache is successfully restarted.

Restart DNS Named

If you face any issues related to Domain Name Server (DNS) simply restart the DNS Named Service.

You will see the above message once BIND is successfully restarted.

Restart FTP

You can restart your FTP services to tackle issues to FTP users.

You will see the above message once FTP is successfully restarted.

Restart MySQL

You will see the above message once MySQL is successfully restarted.

Apache Server Status

View a detailed record of your Apache Server. Keep track of the health of your server.

Apache Server Info

View information of the Server. Every minute detail is covered in this case.

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